Ovens with Grill Hearth

Front Grills

If you love cooking as much as we do at Applewood Ovens, you will be blown away by our front grills. By adding a grill to your oven, you have multiple cooking options.

Imagine how thrilled you and your guests will be to enjoy a brick oven pizza, barbecue wings, and hamburgers all made in your brick oven. Heat your coals to the proper temp, put them under the grill, and let the culinary experience begin!

Prefabricated Metal Stand

At Applewood Ovens, we know how excited you are to use your brick oven immediately. With our prefabricated metal stand, you don’t have to waste time building a resting place for your new oven.

Attractive, functional, and sturdy, these stands are prefabricated to fit the size of the oven you order from us. You select a customized color to match your home or garden decor. Each steel stand has a space to store wood and keep it dry.

We give you everything but the ingredients for your pizza!

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