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Let’s build your dream oven.

Since 2007, Applewood Ovens has continued to build its reputation as the leading manufacturer of commercial-grade residential pizza ovens. Our ovens are renowned for their customizable design, outstanding material, and incomparable manufacturing.


Let us answer your questions, hear your ideas, and work with you to create the perfect oven for your home and cooking style. Our ovens are available online or direct from our factory. Contact Applewood Ovens today. We look forward to hearing from you!


Do you already know the size and style of oven you want? Let’s get started right now! Follow the steps below and tell us what you want your oven to look like.


Building and delivering our commercial-grade, high-quality custom brick ovens can take up to one month or more, depending on the number of orders we have received.

Step: 1

Choose your oven size:


Cooks 1-2 pizzas or whole chickens simultaneously


Cooks 3-4 pizzas or whole chickens simultaneously

Step: 2

Choose your exterior that includes the dome, façade, and coverings. The design possibilities are endless, but here are some popular ones to help you start the thinking process:

    Option 1 :
Simple Traditional: A stucco exterior with a choice of color and texture. Finish with brick, stone, or tile of your choosing.

    Option 2 :
Classic Appeal: A fully-faced and covered dome with the brick or stone of your choice.

    Option 3 :
You’re the Chef: Mix and match different materials to your taste. Your creativity is your only limitation.

Step: 3

Finally Pick a Stand, Door, Sill and Hearth!

    Option 1 :
Stands: Choose from our endless selection of prefabricated steel stand designs. Or have a local mason build a stand based on the dimensions of your oven.

Option 2 :
Doors: Choose from a 1-inch thick insulated steel door perfect for baking, roasting, or next-day cooking, or opt for an un-insulated laser cut sheet of steel crafted to fit your oven’s opening.

    Option 3 :
Sills: The sill is the rim that travels along the edge and the base of your oven. Several design options are available to match your oven’s dome, façade, and theme.

    Option 4 :
Hearth: This is the entrance to the oven. It is the centerpiece of the entire design. Make this pop with fire brick, unique stones, or metal.

Step: 4

Start Cooking !!!!!

Once we’ve sat down and worked out the design of your oven and you have placed your order, we will get to work using high-quality materials and the latest in craftsmanship to build your oven. We take pride in our work, so we don’t rush our orders. You should expect it to take at least one month, including the cure time, for us to build your oven.

Trust us. It is worth the wait! When you receive your oven and place it on its stand, you will know that you purchased something of quality. Our ovens come completely assembled and ready for immediate use.

What are you waiting for? Make your choice today!

Select your oven size:

Choose exterior dome and façade coverings:

Pick a stand, door, sill, and hearth:



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